Scanning Code Module and Face Recognition Terminal Promote Digital Upgrade

In order to meet the digital and intelligent transformation of various industries and respond to the call of the country to develop a "digital economy", Shenzhen RAKINDA uses advanced and mature automatic identification technology and industry-customized solutions to launch a series of intelligent recognition hardwares incuding barcode scanners, embedded two-dimensional code scanner, OEM two-dimensional code scanning module and face recognition terminals for various future digital service scenario, which helps people's convenient life and enterprise information management.

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Under normalized epidemic prevention and control, Shenzhen Rakinda Technology provides a comprehensive solution of health code precision epidemic prevention for all provinces (regions, cities) and public management service places across the country, and provides our own brand industry-leading face recognition temperature measurement access control All-in-one machine (health code type) and various face recognition terminals. The following shows the case pictures of the recent period.
(1)Successful cases of the all-in-one machine for face temperature measurement and health code at Qinglong Olympic vaccination site:
(2)Successful cases of the all-in-one machine for face temperature measurement and health code in Xuejia People's Hospital of Xinbei District:

(3)Successful cases of the face temperature measurement and health code all-in-one machine in Changzhou Community Hospital:

 Cases show
Shenzhen Rakinda Technology provides embedded QR code scanning module solutions for various industry applications, as well as our industry-leading QR code scanning modules and our own brand QR code scanning modules.
(1)Traffic travel

(2)Mobile payment

(3)Medical industry

(4)Smart government

(5)Smart Park

Shenzhen Rakinda Technology provides barcode-related services for enterprises, as well as fixed industrial barcode reading solutions for industrial production, and provides industry-leading industrial barcode readers and fixed barcode scanners.      
In the future, Shenzhen RAKINDA will help more "Internet+"-based automatic identification technology application scenarios to achieve digital upgrades and fully empower the creation of new future development.