What are the functions of the SCANMAX health code verification terminal?

author: SCANMAX
At present, all walks of life are paying close attention to epidemic prevention and control. Many public management places in China are equipped with advanced health code verification terminals to carry out rapid verification of health codes. Through digital and intelligent management and control, the contact caused by epidemic prevention verification can be effectively reduced. Risk of infection, strengthen epidemic management, achieve precise epidemic prevention, and at the same time can maximize the use of limited human resources, and cooperate with "technical prevention" to improve epidemic prevention capabilities in public places.

You must know that during the epidemic period, you need "green code access" to enter and exit public places, and even check the 48-hour nucleic acid report. Using the health code verification terminal, you can flexibly set the passage rules according to the local epidemic prevention policy requirements, intelligently verify the health code status of the personnel, and feed back to the prevention and control center in real time to achieve the purpose of precise epidemic prevention. The user only needs to open the mobile phone health code or swipe the ID card to quickly verify the epidemic prevention information data such as the health code status, nucleic acid report and itinerary through simple operations. The whole process is intelligent and controllable.

In fact, what is more important is that, as a technical guarantee for the accurate epidemic prevention of health codes, Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co., Ltd.'s advantages are reflected in the customized IoT epidemic prevention data platform and the whitelist function of the self-developed health code verification equipment. That is, what we commonly call the electronic sentinel health code + face recognition whitelist function has become a must for epidemic prevention. It can realize all equipment management, data summary management, with epidemic prevention data management, access control management, attendance and visitor functions! It supports face recognition verification of health codes, and supports the verification of local health codes and national health codes in all provinces and cities across the country. The traffic data is uploaded to the cloud platform in real time, which supports the statistics, query and analysis of health codes and nucleic acid detection data, and the results are visualized.

Through the health code verification terminal equipment to achieve intelligent and efficient management and control, first, it can have absolute advantages in management costs, labor costs, etc.; Personnel with red codes and yellow codes provide early warnings, which directly reduce the potential safety hazards and epidemic prevention and control risks caused by the phenomenon of "using screenshots of expired health codes to conceal green codes", and block abnormal personnel from entering the management area in a timely manner. In other words, it will be more conducive to rapid and effective risk screening and identification of personal health status during the epidemic, and to control the rebound of the epidemic at a lower cost and more efficiently. The face products of the SCANMAX F6 series are rich in form, stable in performance and competitive in price, and are providing a strong guarantee for the protracted battle against the epidemic.