SCANMAX Multi-person Temperature Screening System Applied in Street Office


After the Spring Festival return flow, personnel flow increased, to the community the epidemic prevention and control work has brought the challenge, how to do a good job still crowded public places temperature screening for disease prevention and control play an important role, especially researchers trying to control in the key areas, such as hospitals, community neighborhood office, airport and port of entry and exit etc.

However, compared with last year, now the epidemic prevention measures in various regions will be more convenient, health code face recognition temperature measurement machine, face recognition temperature measurement access control, thermal imaging multiple temperature screening system in various life scenes in depth application, escort for the health of the whole people. As we know, at present, the thermal imaging multi-person temperature measurement screening system (Sky Eye 1.0 temperature measurement system) has been put into operation in the Shiyan Hall of Shiyan Street Office in Shenzhen, which greatly improves the speed and accuracy of temperature detection, and at the same time, passers do not need to stop for temperature measurement.

Once passing the testing equipment without stopping, the screen will display the body temperature of the person being tested in real time, and the preliminary screening results of body temperature will be presented in seconds. When someone's body temperature is too high and exceeds the alarm temperature threshold, there will be an alarm broadcast. The use of thermal imaging multi-person temperature measurement and screening system can not only improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and save the human cost of temperature measurement and epidemic prevention, but also avoid the traffic congestion and human contact caused by manual measurement in the temperate zone. It is the best choice for rapid and accurate temperature screening for large-scale population.

More than it should be pointed out that, the thermal imaging temperature screening system (eye) 1.0 temperature measuring system by shenzhen RAKINDA to provide technical support, to meet some of the large traffic sites in effective temperature measurement range and capture the face temperature of more than 10 people, face recognition, high temperature warning, real-time facial capture, real-time traffic statistics and statements automatically generated, and other functions, has been installed in the hospital hall, the bank hall, the government affairs hall, street service hall, waiting at the station hall scene in use, etc.