Facial Biometric Thermometer Access Control Solution

In the past two years, new technologies based on health code recognition and AI temperature measurement face recognition equipment technology have brought many cases of intelligent management for epidemic prevention scenarios, especially in some daily security fields, such as temperature measurement face recognition equipment or face recognition. Terminals such as the all-in-one for temperature measurement and access control stand out, and they can even be freely equipped with a health code scanner to strengthen the control of external personnel, and integrate access control, attendance, and health code scanning and temperature measurement to prevent epidemics. Management provides new power.

In the process of "normalizing epidemic prevention", each round of epidemic counterattack fully illustrates the importance of temperature testing codes in public places. However, traditional manual inspections cannot meet the needs of quarantine and quarantine for high-density mobile populations, and will not only cause inspections. It is slow, and it is difficult to avoid the risk of cross-infection due to close contact. Therefore, to fight a protracted epidemic prevention war, more new "technical prevention" means must be used to intervene.

At this stage, the simplest and most effective means can ensure the effective development of daily prevention and control inspections through the use of smart scenarios such as face recognition, temperature measurement and access control integrated machines. It can quickly deploy health without changing the original entrance and exit management equipment. The integrated solution of code scanning, temperature measurement and face recognition, access control, and attendance at low cost cooperates with the government for epidemic prevention and control of public places and key places.

It should be pointed out that the F3-FHRS face recognition, temperature measurement and access control integrated machine independently developed by Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co., Ltd. has been put into use in hundreds of large public places across the country. The health code intelligent access system and The relevant health code verification terminal has been docked with the national government platform health code and 15+ local code interfaces, which can quickly, safely and accurately determine whether there is any abnormality in the personnel entering and exiting, and confirm the identity through face recognition to achieve "face swiping" "Precise temperature measurement, health code verification, access control and attendance, etc., cooperate with channel gates to allow people to enter and exit unimpeded, realize the controllable and traceable personnel entering and exiting public places, and create an unattended, preventable and controllable health code test Wen access control.

Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co., Ltd. focuses on health code related technology and hardware R&D and manufacturing. Not only provides better and more cost-effective smart health code verification terminal products for major domestic enterprises, but also provides partners with health code precision epidemic prevention verification technical services, facial temperature measurement health code verification and professional epidemic prevention health code verification management face Temperature measurement access control solution.