Facial recognition temperature measuring machine builds emotional prevention and control levels

The installation and networking of the facial temperature measurement and health code verification integrated machine is an important measure to implement "external defense input, internal defense rebound", and "combination of peace and war", which can assist hospitals, schools, government affairs halls, airports, and high-speed rails. And train stations and other crowded places to do fast health code/travel code pass detection, fast body temperature screening and quick verification of personnel information. Every time a sudden epidemic counterattacks, it can build a "smart line of defense" for epidemic prevention and control, and achieve the role of monitoring and early warning and information integration management and control.

We know that in the face of the current severe epidemic situation in the world, how to quickly construct emergency epidemic prevention IoT facilities in public places and build a more accurate and efficient big data epidemic prevention and control platform are the key points of digital epidemic prevention, which is not only conducive to We are ready to fight the epidemic for a long time, and can quickly switch between emergency and daily conditions. We are able to "fight" at any time, and quickly return to normal production and living conditions. It should be pointed out that the face temperature measurement and health code all-in-one machine is precisely an indispensable part of the construction of emergency and epidemic prevention IoT facilities in public places, which can build a "frontier barrier" for epidemic prevention and control.

(1)Face temperature measurement and health code verification integrated machine, which can liberate manpower and improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention verification.The face temperature measurement and health code all-in-one machine can use non-contact body temperature detection accurately while brushing the face. With the health code scanner, it can quickly identify the health codes of various regions and the national platform health codes. The timeliness and authenticity of the codes are checked to avoid the use of invalid codes and expired codes to be confused, and it can also reduce the risk of contact infection by grassroots prevention and control personnel.

(2The ID card health code all in one machine, and it can be used nationwide
One yard of traffic, mutual recognition across the country! The introduction of the face temperature measurement and health code all-in-one machine can provide "non-contact, second query, fast traffic" high-efficiency prevention and control screening services for travel, medical treatment, consumption, entertainment, and office services, allowing us to get rid of the simple " Civil air defense and moving towards the dual combination of "air defense + technical defense", which not only supports quick pass through ID card verification, but also allows identification and pass through local health code or national platform health code universally used throughout the country.

(3Real-time monitoring of background data to facilitate the traceability of personnel flow
The verification results are uploaded to the platform in real time, and the verification information is checkable. In the event of a sudden risk, the close contact personnel can be checked in the shortest time, and the personnel flow can be traced quickly.