2D QR Code IC Card Access Control Machine
2D QR Code IC Card Access Control Machine
2D QR Code IC Card Access Control Machine
2D QR Code IC Card Access Control Machine
2D QR Code IC Card Access Control Machine
2D QR Code IC Card Access Control Machine

2D QR Code IC Card Access Control Machine

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Product Features
1.Embedded multi-tasking real-time operating system, the system can be fully started in 3 seconds.

2.Single door network access control + QR code scanning head  +IC card reader triple product. Make the on-site installation and maintenance simple and cost-effective.

3. The product comes with a voice amplifier and speaker. The voice for common entry and exit events can be set. The network can control nearly 150 voices and can customize the voice.

4. Encrypted QR code that complies with the agreed rules can be opened / opened directly when not connected to the Internet.
The agreed rules mainly include: 
(1)the start time and end time of the two-dimensional code valid; 
(2)the number of times the two-dimensional code is valid and exceeds the number of uses, the two-dimensional code can no longer be used;
(3)equipment MAC matching or project number building number Match, a QR code can contain one or more device numbers, which can be legally valid on multiple devices;
(4)The encryption key of the QR code can be modified without leaving any backdoors or loopholes to ensure the security of the QR code.

5. Common parameters such as network IP parameters, lock delay, Wiegand 26/34, etc. can be set directly through the QR code, making site commissioning easier.

6. Equipment capacity: 35,000 cards, 50,000 records, 100,000 QR codes, and records and QR codes exceeding the capacity will be automatically covered.

7. The product adopts the battery-free clock holding circuit, without batteries, eliminating the need to replace the battery regularly, and the trouble of express delivery.

8. The product adopts data storage and ferroelectric storage. Even if the device is suddenly powered off, the stored data will not be lost, ensuring data security and reliability.

9.  The product can read ISO14443A type card serial number or sector content, such as M1 card.

10.The network transmission standard is RJ45 10 / 100M TCP / IP transmission, which can be extended WIFI transmission or mobile phone Bluetooth transmission.

11.Supports TCP / IP networking connection across gateways and network segments, and direct-connected network cables and cross-network cable controllers can automatically adapt.

12.Built-in dual hardware anti-crash watchdog, even if the chip runs abnormally, it can be recovered in time without affecting the use.

13.Support TCP / IP remote IAP upgrade. If there is a change in requirements, after modifying the program, it can be completed directly through the network upgrade.

14.The WIFI module can be extended to enable the two-dimensional code to be transmitted over the wireless network through WIFI. The WIFI module supports AP and STA dual modes.

15.The Bluetooth module can be extended to enable the product to communicate with the mobile phone's Bluetooth. Achieve functions such as shaking the door.

16.Integration of the development kit with the DEMO language: JAVA, C #, C++, etc.

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