Industrial 2D Barcode Scanner Solution for Production Line

The concept and policy of "industry 4.0" and "made in China 2025" are constantly popularized and deepened, which will inevitably set off a new upsurge of industrial automation industry transformation and upgrading in the whole country. As for the application of industrial coder solution in the field of automation, there is no doubt that its application will become more and more common and the application will become more and more complex.

Especially in the current face of recruitment difficulties, rising raw material costs and increasingly prominent personalized demand, reducing the demand for workers and improving the flexible and automated production capacity of the production line have become the internal driving force to promote the unmanned development of the factory. Why are industrial giants enthusiastic about automation? One obvious reason is the cost reduction, high efficiency and output improvement brought by "machine replacing human".

For a famous domestic electronic manufacturing enterprise, in order to ensure the quality of products, it is necessary to track and record the electronic components used in the manufacturing process in batches. However, there are still many original operations in the factory production line, that is, manually copy the information of each process product, and then enter it into the computer form. This artificial method is easy to record the wrong information, and it is very time-consuming, and the finished parts can not be effectively tracked and controlled. The introduction of the industrial QR code scanner solution can automatically and unattended the whole process to track and record the components or components used in the manufacturing process, so as to ensure the production line can run smoothly, improve efficiency, submit products to customers faster, and then achieve the transformation goal of "intelligent manufacturing + industrial Internet", which is undoubtedly attracting attention.

Application of industrial QR code reader solution in automation field:
Shenzhen Rakinda industrial QR code reader solution can be applied to the process tracking and quality supervision of the manufacturing, testing, packaging, warehousing and other processes of products or articles, such as logistics, automobile, electronics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical equipment and medical devices.

The specific implementation method is as follows:
Process tracking is to identify each item with barcode, share data in the whole supply chain process, realize the recording of the item process, read the barcode of the item in the key link of the whole process, and record the in out and in place information of the item; The purpose of quality supervision is to strengthen quality control. Industrial enterprises mark barcode symbols on products to record product information such as production and quality inspection in real time during the whole life cycle of products, so as to realize the functions of traceability, quality verification of mark symbols, tracking and identification of manufacturing and inspection process, and help users to make production judgment and decision.