Facial recognition equipment helps epidemic prevention and control

Recently, Shenzhen  (RAKINDA) self-developed the new F3-FHS health code face recognition and temperature measurement intelligent all-in-one machine at the entrance of a number of scenic spots across the country stunning appearance. This innovative epidemic prevention equipment, with non-contact testing ability, not only supports intelligent temperature measurement, code scanning / ID code call detection health code, but also supports the identification and rapid passage of epidemic prevention risk information (14-day travel and 48-hour nucleic acid testing results, etc.).

The recent spread of epidemics in many places has enabled tourism attractions and other cultural and tourism public places to upgrade their control measures. According to the ministry of culture and tourism, the national health commission on April 13, jointly issued on the epidemic prevention and control and safe and orderly opening notice and the State Council to the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention mechanism notice, strictly regulate the ban of the scenic spots management, ensure the safe and orderly opening, under the epidemic prevention and control normalized must strictly implement the temperature detection, check health code and 14 days travel, check mask wear prevention and control measures, to eliminate all kinds of risks. However, during the resumption of opening up, it will inevitably cause a large number of tourists gathering and congestion, and increase the risk of the spread of the epidemic.

In order to better implement the epidemic prevention and control measures in cultural and tourism public places, a number of key 5A-level tourist attractions across the country began to quickly screen abnormalities and control health code and temperature recognition, including all-in-one entrances, important tourist spots and ticket prevention and control. Visitors must enter the scenic area to wear masks, use ID card or mobile phone health code after the designated health code face recognition temperature measurement intelligent all-in-one machine scanning verification can quickly check health code status and check epidemic prevention risk information, such as 14 days day travel and nucleic acid 48 hours test results, non-contact detection, better ensure safety. If it is the elderly group, no smart phone can also pass the ID code call detection health code for second-level verification, it can only take 2-3 seconds to smoothly enter the scenic spot. Fast speed, good effect will save everyone time, higher efficiency yo! If you have special custom needs or you want to learn in more detail, you are welcome to contact us. Can provide the whole machine purchase or rental use way!