How to Choose Arduino Barcode Scanner Module?

Research and development and promotion of the 2D barcode recognition module so far, The QR code products and applications around us, including travel, medical treatment, consumption, entertainment, handling affairs and other life services, constantly break through our cognition, After the IoT intelligent devices have integrated the bar code scanning module, The payment code on the sensor area to recognize the phone screen, You can use the QR code module embedded in the code scanning area to identify the mobile phone health code for rapid verification and passage, The barcode embedded in the scanning area can be identified for sorting and sending of the package, You can also use the scanner embedded in the code code to identify the electronic social security card QR code for medical insurance settlement and inquiry...

At this stage, this kind of code scanning recognition application scene with full sense of technology all makes us through the mobile QR code reading device (that is, 2D scanning module, also known as the charm of barcode recognition module). So which brand model of the embedded QR code scanning module is better? A lot of businesses that want to integrate barcode scanning modules want to know about this problem.

Actually, this time hardware integrators and application software providers might as well (RAKINDA) launched each series of bar code recognition module and OEM QR code scanning module, it belongs to the same category of products, specialized read mobile phone screen code and paper 1D/2D barcode, and support a variety of trigger scanning mode, make "di" voice is successful reading, professional terminal scanning, gate scanning and other professional scanning solutions can let customers feel fast scanning experience.

In order to meet the needs of fast and accurate code scanning of Internet of Things applications, We have been constantly developing and developing new products: 2D code scanner, 2D bar code identification module, two-dimensional code scanning module, two-dimensional code reading engine, 2D code reading equipment,2D scanning module, 2D bar code reader... Shenzhen  (RAKINDA) focus on 2D code related technology and hardware research and development and manufacturing, Not only to provide the major domestic enterprises with better quality, more cost-effective two-dimensional code scanner module, It also provides partners with barcode technical services, QR code payment and excellent 2D barcode recognition solutions to win competitive advantages for customers. If you have special custom needs or you want to learn in more detail, you are welcome to contact us. Vision will provide you with all kinds of embedded scanning module sample testing and professional technical services to meet your development deployment.