Face Temperature and Health Code Series Terminal Cooperation Case


Project introduction: The "2020 Shanghai 10-km Elite Race" is bound to face the challenge of how to prevent and control the spread of the epidemic, and how to do a good job in epidemic prevention and protection work is the top priority. In view of the large number of people in similar places with fixed population flow, it is necessary to verify the identity of players one by one. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to quickly screen for abnormal body temperature and identify applicants who travel to high-risk areas within 14 days. Manual temperature verification and health code inspection are not only inefficient and costly, but also easily lead to the risk of cross-infection by control personnel and the occurrence of missed and false detection. Therefore, the organizers of the competition site consider to use a face recognition temperature measurement access control machine (health code pass column) for machine temperature measurement, health code identification verification, real name admission system.

Scene: Smart face temperature and health code series terminal devices are deployed at the entrance of "2020 Shanghai 10-km Elite Race" to provide big data security for urban health and epidemic prevention. Before the athletes are admitted, they have to go through facial temperature detection, real-name id authentication and scanning national health code verification, which enables the real-time temperature monitoring and recording of personnel entering and leaving, standardizing the passing personnel, and helping to upgrade the management of epidemic prevention scenes.

Use effect: The epidemic prevention health code verification management face temperature measurement access control solution, is provided by Shenzhen Rakinda Technology Co., LTD. In this project, an integrated F3-FHS health code verification face temperature measuring machine was installed to connect with the national government affairs service platform and follow the national standard of Personal Health Information Code, so as to facilitate the unified management of the incoming and outgoing personnel and make the epidemic situation traceable and analyzable. Face mask recognition, face temperature detection, identity verification, health code recognition and verification can be done in one machine, which can realize the real and digital management during the epidemic.

F3-FHS intelligent human face temperature and health code series terminal devices, after being put into use, can be quickly adapted to epidemic prevention platforms in various provinces and cities (health codes of several provinces and regions have been jointly developed), and support the identification and verification of health codes of national government affairs platform, so as to flexibly meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control in various regions and contribute to the joint prevention and control of the epidemic.