The QR Code Scanning Module is Embedded in the Handheld Terminal,Give You a Different Experience

With the help of bar code recognition technology, the functional content of various handheld terminals and other applications has become more and more abundant. For example, in supermarkets, we can see that the staff can identify the screen payment code through the red light bar code scanner module embedded in the portable POS device to meet the needs of expanding the comprehensive cashier of merchants; For bar code identification on commodity labels, staff can complete accurate and efficient inventory through the embedded scanning module of handheld devices, reduce manual inventory time and improve efficiency.

It is necessary to point out that the handheld devices widely used in the warehouse out, inventory and data collection in various links of production site can scan the barcode / QR code on the commodity label to automatically collect data, eliminate the accuracy of human error and the efficiency of information exchange in real time, Because the embedded two-dimensional code scanner module (scanner engine) combined with rich secondary development functions, the automatic identification of QR code, data transmission and application are integrated, so that the paper-2d barcode can be read and scanned quickly.

The function upgrade of handheld devices benefits from the bar code scanner module embedded in the device, which gives workers more efficiency. Therefore, the 2D scanner module embedded in the device also needs to consider its practicability and stability. For example, LV30 2D barcode scanner module can be very competent, Handset manufacturers only need to embed it in the pre designed reading window before production.

This series of customized barcode reader engines can not only quickly identify bar codes on various printed media, but also have excellent performance for LCD display and mobile phone screen display. At present, there are more and more barcode applications based on mobile phones, such as discount tickets, e-tickets, boarding passes, etc. LV30 can solve the balance between such new applications and traditional applications better. LV30 compact design, can be embedded in most devices. The instant start function of LV30 allows the current to be turned off completely in the application, and barcode identification can be started instantly when needed. The ultra-low power consumption brings convenience and rapidity to the application.

Generally speaking, LV30 series is a good choice for barcode scanner module of handheld terminal. To a large extent, it achieves high cost performance of the product, and has certain price advantage under the condition of guaranteed quality. In addition, LV2097, RD11C, RD11P, RD12HD and other series of modules are very suitable for embedded handheld devices. You can choose the appropriate model according to the actual needs.