Face Recognition Thermometer Terminal Applications in Campus Scenes

Although more and more provinces across the country have lowered their emergency response levels for epidemic prevention and control, crowded places such as campus scenes still need to guard against the rebound of the epidemic and the risk of imported epidemics from abroad, except for the use of pillar-shaped faces. In addition to the temperature-measuring integrated machine, an additional temperature-measuring face recognition terminal will be installed on the gate to cope with the epidemic prevention and control challenges brought by the school opening. It is used for non-contact rapid body temperature detection, screening of persons with abnormal body temperature, and Real-time recording is convenient for schools to track data. Next, RAKINDA will introduce to readers a "F2-FHS" temperature measurement face recognition terminal that focuses on campus scenarios.

F2-FHS temperature measurement face recognition terminal adopts deep learning face recognition algorithm, which supports lower temperature measurement, ID card information collection, health code status recognition, access control attendance check-in, blacklist warning and Living body detection and other functions are integrated, temperature measurement efficiency is extremely high, non-contact infrared temperature measurement is adopted, temperature measurement accuracy can reach ±0.3℃, records can be stored and exported in a single machine or networked for storage and analysis, which can measure temperature at school gates and resume work Temperature measurement, factory/office building/park temperature measurement and other fixed crowd flow places provide faster, safer and smarter temperature screening and personnel statistics, while avoiding cross-infection caused by queuing temperature measurement, fingerprint punching, etc., and effective tracking The information of persons with abnormal body temperature facilitates unified management of personnel entering and exiting, so that the epidemic situation can be traced and analyzed, which can meet the requirements of schools in all regions of the country to prepare for the fight against the epidemic.

At present, the F2-FHS face recognition, temperature measurement and access control integrated machine has been widely used in primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, vocational colleges and universities across the country, effectively improving the efficiency of prevention and control, and ensuring the health and safety of teachers and students. All in all, in the process of epidemic prevention in campus scenarios, F2-FHS plays its unique and intelligent application for efficient epidemic prevention, and it can also be deployed in more scenarios to achieve smart campus applications.