Face Recognition and Temperature Access Control Suitable for the Prevention of Epidemics in Supermarkets?


The answer is undoubtful. The face recognition and body temperature detection all-in-one machine is generally suitable for indoor constant temperature places during the epidemic, such as campuses, hospitals, office buildings, government centers, traffic entrances and exits, enterprises and institutions, building property service centers and other public Service places; is also applicable to closed (semi-closed) business service places such as large commercial supermarkets.

Because with the increase of imported cases abroad and the occasional sporadic cases and clusters of epidemics in some areas recently, the temperature detection and management of intensive people in and out of closed (semi-closed) business service places such as large supermarkets and supermarkets are facing Double test. If the traditional manual temperature detection is still used, it will not only be time-consuming and laborious, but also the detection personnel will come into contact with many different people every day. Close contact with the subject will bring greater risk of infection, so face recognition temperature measurement machine has become the hottest product in the country, not only for hospitals, but also for schools, government centers, and transportation entrances. It is also irreplaceable for large shopping malls with a large daily flow of people.

Face recognition and temperature measurement machine = face recognition + body temperature detection. Function one is that the flow of people can be controlled, and the person can be found in time when a fever is found, and the follow-up epidemic prevention work can be done. Function two is that it can be used for personnel access management and attendance management. After installing the face infrared thermometer in a large shopping mall, the passers-by will successfully open the door or punch the card when face is recognized well and the body temperature is normal. If the body temperature is abnormal, the door will not be opened. The face temperature measurement is fast and accurate, avoiding crowded people, which provides a strong security guarantee for access control and attendance management in various scenarios.