Face recognition Temperature Measurement and Automatic Soap Liquid Dispenser

As the Spring Festival approaches, many international airports and railway stations are equipped with health code epidemic prevention terminals with health code identification and verification and communication itinerary card inspection functions as standard to strengthen the control of passengers from overseas and domestic areas with high risk of epidemics. Passengers need to apply for the national government platform health code in advance. When they pass the security check in an orderly manner, they only need to scan the ID card, scan the face for self-service temperature measurement and scan the health code on the face temperature and health code all-in-one machine to complete a series of Real-time health check and query, such as body temperature check, self-check health code and check 14-day itinerary.

At present, my country has entered the stage of normalization of epidemic prevention and control in winter and spring. However, there is still an epidemic rebound phenomenon in some cities, especially in Hebei, Liaoning and other places. The recent occurrence of multiple local cases has caused concern. This also fully illustrates the prevention and control of epidemics in winter and spring. We can't relax our vigilance. We must fully implement the requirements of "external defense input and internal defense rebound", especially the implementation of health management measures for people in risk areas. This also makes health code inspection and communication itinerary card inquiries a popular demand in the near future.

Based on the need for precise epidemic prevention, in addition to the need for efficient and safe non-contact remote temperature measurement, disinfection and sterilization, real-time control of the health status of passers-by (body temperature, health code and communication itinerary card) are particularly critical. Shenzhen Rakinda Technology has gone through in-depth Research and development, the T8 series of health code epidemic prevention terminals suitable for use in high-end places have been launched, which can provide customers with more options for accurate access prevention and control, especially suitable for public places with strong flow of people and strong gatherings when the Spring Festival is approaching, such as hospitals, Application scenarios such as community workstations, public security checkpoints, high-speed railways, stations, airports, and overseas gateways are simple and convenient to deploy, "card, code, and face" three in one, integrated face recognition + health code verification + smart temperature measurement and hand washing Disinfection and other functions facilitate the prevention and control of personnel entry and exit, accurate and rapid real-time verification of the health status of passers-by and 14-day itinerary inspection, so that public safety epidemic prevention and control are in place.