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It is understood that car regulations are WeChat traffic solutions with proposed suggestions and a new search method, WeChat through a "small + card + card + WeChat payment" package and many other capabilities, to make public traffic more convenient. It is reported that the principle of improved vehicle in travel efficiency and experience is significantly improved.
In the past two years, new technologies based on health code recognition and AI temperature measurement face recognition equipment technology have brought many cases of intelligent management for epidemic prevention scenarios, especially in some daily security fields, such as temperature measurement face recognition equipment or face recognition.
Face temperature measurement and health code verification integrated machine, which can liberate manpower and improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention verification.
RAKINDA self-developed the new F3-FHS health code face recognition and temperature measurement intelligent all-in-one machine at the entrance of a number of scenic spots across the country stunning appearance
We have been constantly developing and developing new products: 2D code scanner, 2D bar code identification module, two-dimensional code scanning module, two-dimensional code reading engine, 2D code reading equipment,2D scanning module, 2D bar code reader
The scanning process can be completed independently through the built-in scanning module. Combining data transmission and application, it can quickly scan the barcode and Identification information
As the Spring Festival approaches, many international airports and railway stations are equipped with health code epidemic prevention terminals with health code identification and verification and communication itinerary card inspection functions as standard to strengthen the control of passengers from overseas and domestic areas with high risk of epidemics.
RD4500i using a new generation of self-developed core decoding technology, can quickly read the minimum brightness and all kinds of film large data volume screen barcodes, whether outdoor or semi-outdoor applications can be adapted
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