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The use of thermal imaging multi-person temperature measurement and screening system can not only improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and save the human cost of temperature measurement and epidemic prevention
The epidemic prevention health code verification management face temperature measurement access control solution, is provided by Shenzhen Rakinda Technology Co., LTD.
Face recognition temperature measurement terminal cooperates with access control or barriers, combined with functional applications such as body temperature detection, identification, and health code verification (code verification), which play a dual role in epidemic prevention and security protection.
RD4500 series embedded series scanning module is a bar code reading module customized for OEM of self-service machines / access control machines / smart cabinets / O2O smart device integrators. It uses a high-performance decoding chip, especially for mobile phone screen codes.
TF88 automatic sense temperature measurement and disinfection integrated machine, which exhibits amazing intelligent temperature measurement and disinfection capabilities.
Mask recognition, temperature monitoring, identity verification, and health code recognition and verification all functions are integrated in one machine. This is the smart face temperature measurement health code series terminal device developed by Shenzhen Rakinda Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd.
Rakinda keep paces with time and develop the product F2-H, and developed its own application for access control or attendance. 
face recognition, infrared temperature detection, mask recognition, ID comparison, health QR code inspection, automatic induction of disinfectant spray, attendance and access control
face temperature measurement and health code series terminals, the epidemic prevention and control capabilities of airports, ports, overseas gates and other places of entry are effectively improved.

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