Changzhou Community Hospital Completes Epidemic Prevention Measures: Intelligent Face Recognition Temperature Measurement, ID Card Verification & Health Code Recognition


Although various places have entered the stage of normalized epidemic prevention and control, the convenient and intelligent face recognition, temperature measurement and access control integrated machine is still difficult to leave people's vision, especially in hospitals, government agencies, and airport customs and other places with large and complex personnel mobility. , Combining health code identification and verification and non-contact body sensing and temperature sensing integrated access control, providing a strong guarantee for the health and safety of tens of millions of people in real time. For example, a health code face recognition temperature measurement access control is added at the entrance. Passers need to swipe their faces and swipe their ID cards to verify the health code before entering, so as to avoid the risks caused by close contact.

The Community Hospital of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province has taken this into consideration. At present, the dedicated access control channel and entrances and exits next to the outpatient building have been put into use health code recognition face recognition temperature measurement terminal (technical solution provider: Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co.,Ltd), citizens Just stand in a fixed position, swipe the ID card and bring your face close to the machine, you can quickly and accurately test the human body temperature, and can automatically open the gate and display the personnel's health code information. If the temperature of the person being measured is too high or the “Su Health code” is not a green code during the background comparison, the machine will sound an alarm and the barrier will not be opened for release, which greatly improves the safety level of the hospital.

It is understood that the main purpose of the installation and deployment of health code recognition facial recognition temperature measurement terminals in Changzhou Community Hospital is to better meet the needs of patients for medical treatment and to implement normalization requirements for epidemic prevention and control, while effectively alleviating the work pressure of medical staff. After all, a hospital is a special place with a large passenger flow and a relatively high risk of spreading germs. It is obviously unrealistic to rely solely on manual verification and identity registration.

Nowadays, the face recognition temperature measurement terminal cooperates with access control or barriers, combined with functional applications such as body temperature detection, identification, and health code verification (code verification), which play a dual role in epidemic prevention and security protection. Even if a confirmed case occurs, it is still It is possible to quickly locate close contacts through face recognition in the first time, facilitating personnel tracking and epidemic prevention and control.